I would like to attend one of your seminars, please send me updates and information

Due to Covid 19 we have suspended all in person seminars,  SORRY!!  but we have started to record some information so that you can still get information and have a resource for your later in life moves.


If you are interested you can go here to our page on seminars and enjoy for free,  in the comfort of your home or, if you have questions feel free to call, email, text yell very loud, and we will help. please give us your feed back, the more feedback we get the better we are able to assist you and others. Without question  you may think you are alone in needing help but we find lots of folks who have similar questions.   

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past Seminars

November 12, 2019                   6:30 - 8:00 pm  

IN home help to THRIVE in Place.

Jennifer Oteng,RN, BScN, MN, GNC, NCA: Geriatric Outreach Nurse and part of the Seniors Health System from William Osler Health System, and Nicole Niedra-Biordi managing owner of Comfort keepers will team  up to explain and answer questions on how you can get the necessary help in your home from the hospital and from private business, who pays?  who is eligible? and how do you make the connection?


December 10, 2019                  6:30 - 8:00 pm    

What do we need to know about home preparedness for Winter and if I am to sell my home what things are important to buyers?  How do I get my home in the best condition to sell? what are some of the testing techniques? WE are pleased to have Gary Longstreet a very experienced home inspector who I have used for the past 6 years,  Gary not only knows home inspections but how to act in a preventative way to get the most out of our home whether we live in the home or are preparing to sell the home.

January 14th 2020                6:30 -8:00 pm 

Happy New Year and New Beginnings a great time to make a plan with a 20 20 view

I have often said that we need to have difficult conversations in Retirement as so many things have changed from out 40-50 years of experience in the market. We need to adjust on several areas of our life and we want to address some of those areas, our home and  touch on health and wellness, and factors one should consider when we are thinking of our future as a senior. 


February 11th 2020                       6:30 - 8:00

Financial Wellness ,  Adjusting your financial position in Retirement 


March 10th, 2020                           6:30 - 8:30

IT's TAX season,  lets talk about any tax credits or benefits which might save us tax dollars,           


 If you would like to hear about a subject on Finances/housing/or home services, for retiring and retired Canadians or housing for older seniors, let us know your questions. We can try to answer them or if we have enough demand, we will set up a seminar to discuss the subject.