I’m Past my Best before Date… Now what?

While doing some research for a presentation to a group of retired hospital workers I enlisted the services of professor Google and there it was right in front of me in bold print. YOU SIR, ARE PAST YOUR BEST BEFORE DATE:: oh my goodness!! If I was a piece of bread I would likely check for some mold, or if I was a piece of meat I might see if I smell OK! But me,,, come on! Cant be and I’m not just past, I’m 3 years past. WHAT NOW??

So here I am giving presentations and helping retired and retiring Canadians find the best lifestyle options and living arrangements, something I started after that “best before date”. We talk about what options are out there and just how many variables seniors face when making decisions on what is better for their lifestyles. They are finding out more about themselves, what they expect, what they want and what they can have. But here is the real nugget, most but not all of the attendees are my senior and they want to look forward to a future. We have this longevity bonus and now we must find ways to fill it, be healthy and active while being able to financially afford it.

Pensions back in the day planned on us having a very short retirement, So what happens now if you retire after 30 years, say at 60 and live till your 90. Will you have enough? Can you keep up with travel? your current housing? Cars? entertainment? Taxes?

We automatically think about our pension plan, and certainly that is very important, but we also need to think about where, and how we live, we need to consider health, and healthy living and exercise and of course family. It is a complex problem. I find professionals, including financial planners, medical professionals, lifestyle professionals do not “holistically” look at their client/customer/patient but look at their vocation as a silo. The only part to consider. I would like to start a real discussion here.In fact lets have some fun with it!

What is your part and how do you interact with other professionals for your “client”? How can you share thoughts, ideas and have a better result because of your interaction with other professionals? Or do you actually believe it is “non of their business”? Are you the sole solution?

I challenge those in my industry and others to debate the idea that they have the answers to the needs of their client, I especially challenge the corporate trainers and executives in my industry.

Oh what the heck, I’m past my “best before date”, so this should be easy. Your comments might be considered if received prior to boating season.

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