Why are we doing videos

Prior to Covid 19, we had been doing seminars at the Flower City Seniors Center for our senior friends and clients as a community service, but since Covid19 it has become unsafe to have groups of people together so we have worked out a way to still help with your questions on a wide range of subjects around moving or staying in your home safely. We believe that if we provide good information that folks can count on then they know they can count on us when it does come time to sell their home and possibly move to a more suitable lifestyle.  I will endeavor to cover topics of life styles   information on communities outside the GTA,  Reverse mortgages, information for those acting or looking to prepare a Power of Attorney or Wills and Estates,    Our subject range for sure can be outside of the Real Estate subjects as I have a great support system of health care professionals, financial and legal advisors. YOUR questions and suggestions ARE welcome. 

Introduction to Real Estate Designed for Seniors seminars

Selling your home during Covid 19 and a strong market

Buying a home during Covid19 if you are a senior and concerned we are here to help with friendly and safe service to all of our seniors clients and customers.  

One of the most asked questions I have from sellers who are looking to purchase  at any age,  Should I buy first or should I sell my home before I buy ?

For years we have worked to pay off our home so we will be secure in our retirement.  NOW is the time to secure that Reirement plan

Senior lifestyle options, there are many different home ownership and house styles available; it all depends on YOU and that is our objective  find out what will work best for you and we be the resource for discussions and information. And for me its easy, as the hair will tell you it is of first hand interest to myself and my family.

Can a Freehold be in an Adult lifestyle community? take a few minutes and discover some of the aspects of adult lifestyle living,  Don't be fooled we can find a lot of inforamtion if we are open minded and willing,

Finding the right community to retire in can be a challenge, but with some great insight and a plan we can help you find what will make your retirement as fulfilling as you had dreamed and maybe more. Dont be afraid to reach out,  view this footage and then ask a thousand questions.

Part 1 of 2 parts 

Selling Your Home, Knowing Where You are Going

An introduction to listing your home  for folks who   have decided where they want to go for the next chapter of their life and call in a Realtor to sell their home. We review with you some things that can save you tremendous stress and make you more money in a timely manner without putting in time and money that will not necessarily reap any benefit for you.