There  really is a difference in Lifestyles and it is YOUR choice!

 See what we have found to help you thrive in your retirement.

Adult Lifestyle Communities:

Enjoy Your Retirement with Like Minded People

Adult Lifestyle Communities: There is a great variety of Adult Lifestyle Communities around Ontario and around the world. We are only going to discuss those in Ontario. They vary in size, the style of housing, the adaptability to the requirement of more care as ones abilities change, and of course the environment they are near. Do you want to be near water, boating, golf or a quiet countryside.

Ownership can vary as well, some are condominium ownership, some are land lease and some may in fact be a cooperative. You can find out more about all these aspects of ownership through our Legal section. We will discribe the amenities, the lifestyle and security of many of these communities by clicking Here

Solterra the Golden Girl concept

Co-housing the happy days lifestyle for Older adults

More and more the cost of housing is becoming a strain on the budget. Home care, someone to interact with are all made easier when you have an opportunity to live with someone that they have common interests with. All of this while you still retain ownership in your own home.  This program has taken Shelley Raymond a great deal of time to prepare for launch and now we are taking names of folks who might be interested in saving thousands, while living better and retaining ownership. 

Developments out of City

Wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? We have suggestions

When there is no longer a need to be in or near the city a small town environment  can feel very relaxing, and friendly. Many communities in Ontario and beyond welcome those who are retired and look forward to you becoming a part of their communities. Contact us for these and other areas that will make your retirement more enjoyable. Remember there is no perfect place for everyone, but everyone should have a perfect place. 

What do we mean by a "Retirment Residence"

Finding a Place for Mom that is careing and safe, while being a good fit.

We are very fortunate in Peel to have an abundance of good, quality care Seniors Residences. Many are operated by large corporations of which some have their head office right here in Peel. We have made a point of getting to know many of them so that we can help you find the a right place for Mom. 

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