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If a group you belong to is looking for qualified speakers on subjects  for older adults from home care to financial to downsizing  contact 

Liz Cunningham CPCA® (certified professional consultant on Aging)  647 982 4052 or 

Glenn Cunningham, CPCA® on Housing options 

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our privacy policy 

Our Privacy Policy is very important to you as well as to us. Because we work with Seniors as a large part of our business, we must understand the importance of keeping your personal stuff your private stuff.  Your family may in fact be your biggest helper, but we need to understand that that we only can share your info with your specific consent.  Where you wish us to, we will work closely with your family, be it a POA or someone you wish us to work with as your support system. We welcome those situations but we do respect your privacy. We DO NOT Share your information with anyone without your consent. Period!

Your finances, health, wishes and desires are your  business only. Lawyers are required to purchase or sell Real Estate in Ontario so all deals will be sent to the lawyer who you  have chosen.


It can be very helpful to achieving your goals if your advisors work together and we often do this  after we have been instructed to do so.  SO, it is simple. We don't share your stuff unless you consent and wish us to, and when its  in YOUR BEST INTEREST.  


Our office in Caledon Village is technically closed due to Covid 19 but if you see this vehicle in the parking lot it means I'm here, call, we can set up an appointment 

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